Track 6′, #3006

TRACK #3024, #3025, #3006, #3008

Product ID: 3006

6’ Track with 7 black standoffs, screws & 4” hex lag bolts
Size: 6’ x 1.25” x 0.25”

Fastening hardware is included

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Inspired by the New England barns of the 18th century. Our sliding door hardware connects the tradition and authenticity of Yankee craftsmanship with state of the art finishing techniques to create superior quality architectural pieces for interior and exterior use.
Our hardware has been installed in luxury hotels and commercial buildings, used on period movie sets, featured on do it yourself television shows and in books, magazine articles and has enjoyed many interesting residential applications including in a Tiny House.
We manufacture, fabricate and finish all of our hardware here in New England with quality components such as solid brass spacers, stainless steel pins and fasteners, domestic steel and cast the wheels with our own custom mold.
Ours is the good stuff, the real stuff, the real good stuff! Take a moment to look through our products. We know you will agree and look forward to hearing from and working with you.

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