Specialty Barn Hardware
Do-It-Yourself Architect Designed Barn Plans


About Us

We are the original Better Barns family that started the company almost 40 years ago. We offer a wide range of unique, high quality products for personal and professional construction projects. We specialize in sliding door hardware and plans to build your own barn or shed.

The distinctive aesthetic of our reproduction hardware is inspired by authentic, 19th century North American design styles. We utilize local manufacturers to provide eye-catching hardware and architectural designs to our customers. All of the products in our sliding door line are produced and finished here in New England.

People who purchase our hardware range from do-it-yourself handymen and aspiring home renovators to professional carpenters, architecture firms, and film production studios. Whatever the scope of your project might be interior or exterior, we’re confident that you’ll find the tools to make it a reality somewhere in our catalog.