Specialty Barn Hardware
Do-It-Yourself Architect Designed Barn Plans


Philadelphia, PA

From an MRA promotional e-mail:

This story is about a transformation, made possible by the imagination and trust of a client, the skill of a construction firm, and the bold vision of architects. A small pre-war house, located in Jenkintown, Pennsylvania, is a classic example of the craft-oriented structures located in early suburban commuter neighborhoods. Large trees contrast with the delicate homes, revealing the age of the community, creating a green canopy. Our client, Stuart Rubin, approached us with the idea of transforming his attic to a “penthouse”, with unobstructed views to the surroundings.

The solution was to create large, overscaled “dormers”, clad in copper, with expansive areas of insulated glass. The steep roof of the house enabled tall ceiling heights that respond to the surrounding trees. Large windows were fit directly to the structure and detailed to disappear from within the space, creating a direct link to the outside. The result is the “present” layered on top of the “past”, in conversation, with intelligence, without apology.