Specialty Barn Hardware
Do-It-Yourself Architect Designed Barn Plans


Ellington, CT


Here are the pics I promised you. I wanted to wait until the barn was stained before I sent them. Your hardware is awesome most people comment on them as soon as they walk up to the barn. This hardware is so simple it is genius. It is so easy to install and it is built like a tank. The doors they are used on are 13’X11′ and I estimate 1000 lbs. in weight. My little niece is 5 and can move the doors with ease. Just goes to show you that they don’t make them like they used to, but now you do again. Your reproduction hardware is all I would ever use on my barns, it is the best. I used the original hardware on the inside to keep it out of the weather and used yours outside because the powdercoat is so weather proof. This barn was my great-grandfathers’. I relocated it from East Hartford to Ellington, CT. He was a tobacco farmer. The barn is at least 120 years old. I have included some pics of the original barn for your interest. I could have not done it without you and Better Barns Hardware.

Thanks again,