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Salt Lake City, Utah

DIY Colonial Style Shed Plan

I have a large back yard and needed the storage space so I built two sheds and put them together. For both barns I used the Colonial 12×16 plan and then reduced it down (10×10) for the smaller section and connected both together. It worked out great and I love the look. This was a great project for my son and me to work on. The Better Barns plans and DVD made building the barn easy and a fun learning project. From start to finish it took three months to complete. We worked evenings and weekends leaving plenty of time for vacations and waterskiing. I only needed a neighbor’s help raising the walls and trusses. I found the windows and hardware through Better Barns a nice finishing touch addition to the barn. We call our barn “The Bucket” because it seems holds everything I need from tools and gardening supplies to holiday Christmas lights. I love my new Bucket! And to the staff at Better Barns, Thanks so much.