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Barn Door Hardware FAQs


FAQs regarding hardware purchased from Better Barns Hardware & Plans

Transom1. Hardware for the yard buildings: "A pair" is for each door;

2. if you have double doors you need two pair of hinges — We can ship one ring latch with lockable padlock eyes and two pairs of 16" hinges for $195.00 or individually for $85.00 per pair of hinges and $35.00 for each ring latch. For example: A double door and 1 single door would require 3 pair hinges and 2 ring latches.

FAQs regarding Antique Reproduction Rolling Barn Door Hardware:

1. We can supply you with several sizes of hangers and rollers, as well as the standoffs and track.

2. Our track sections are cut so they can be joined without welding. Track can be purchased from us (in 6' or 8' lengths). Usually the track length you need is approximately double the width of your door.

3. How to determine the size of the rollers you buy is a matter of individual taste. For example, we would recommend using medium rollers for a door up to 6' wide and 7' tall.

FAQs regarding other products for barns:

We hope to offer our cupola as a shippable product. Information and photos will be up on our website soon.

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