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Plan FAQs

Barn Plans and Barn Accessories FAQs

FAQs regarding plans purchased from Better Barns Hardware & Plans

As much as we love barns, our Better Barns Hardware and Plans office staff are not truly experienced in the more complex types of barn construction questions you might have. We suggest you check these FAQ pages and consult with a local carpenter or contractor with your construction questions.

Our Refund Policy is this: Returns are rare. We simply do not get many returns, but if you bought the wrong item or you are not happy with your order just call us. Better Barns Hardware and Plans, LLC gives you, our customers, a full 30-day satisfaction guarantee. For any reason within 30-days of your order date, if you are not happy with your order, you may return your item for a full refund including shipping. Packaging: Using your original packaging is required for all barn door track and is helpful for our other products but not required.


TransomFAQs regarding plans available though Better Barns Hardware and Plans LLC:

1. Please try the book Building a Shed and DVD How to Build a Better Barn; they will be a big help with your building project. As with all of our products if you are not satisfied we will be happy to give you a refund.

2. Our plans are drawings and dimensions with a "Materials List" to help you shop for your project. We recommend the plywood sided plans for a beginner with some construction experience. The all cedar plans are more difficult and the English Potting Shed is beyond the expertise of the average homeowner.


3. If you are in the New England area most lumber yards can order the barn sash windows that we refer to in our plans. If you are unable to find this barn sash, you might consider buying a different window before you build in case the window opening has to be adjusted. Or you can purchase this Yellow Pine barn sash from us.

SingleDoor4. For info about good quality nails try For cedar siding and trim we use Maze 2 1/2" 8D split less siding nails which are zinc coated. When nailing pressure treated floor framing use galvanized Maze PTL anchor down nails. For pressure treated lumber use 3 1/2" 16-D. For roofing shingles use 1 1/4" galvanized roofing nails. For T-111 siding and 1/2" roof plywood use 2" galvanized box nails. For 3/4" plywood floor use 2 1/2" 8-D galvanized common nails. We use 3" Deck Mate square drive screws for framing, assembling wall sections, and for fastening trusses to the top wall plate.


5. DF stands for Douglas Fir lumber. We prefer DF kiln dried studs, but you can use any 2 x 4s.


6. We use 2" galvanized box nails to secure the plywood T-111 to wall framing.


7. We use maze galvanized split-less siding nails for cedar.


2004_8. Except for use with the Wood storage addition #2022, we do not recommend a concrete slab or feel it is necessary. If you do pour a slab be sure to make the outside dimensions 1" smaller than our floor base dimensions. Be sure to check the outside diagonal measurements carefully! You cannot correct once the slab is poured.


9. The base is purposely 4" shorter than the building length, so that when you get to the roof plywood everything works out and there is no waste.


10. Distance to peak on the colonial barn plans is 12' 3" on all 10 x plans and 13' 1" on all 12 x plans. Inside from floor to top plate on a 12 x 16 barn is 82-1/4". The siding length is 91".


11. We use four ground anchors when they are called for by Connecticut Building Code. Your state code may vary.


12. How long would it take a customer and one experienced man to build a 10x16 plywood sided barn? Probably about a week.


13. Can I switch from trusses to roof rafters? It is suggested that you follow the plan.


14. The framing is different on the cedar plan and the rough sawn plywood T-111 plan.


15. If you plan to side with vinyl or HardiPlank — use a plywood style plan. Instead of using the high end plywood use 1/2" CDX plywood for siding.


16. You can usually get perforated soffit locally through a large hardware or roofing material store. We use "musket brown" and cut it down the center along the "V" crimp. We buy Alcoa, but if you cannot find what you want look elsewhere. It is available.


17. We now have a video which shows the building of one of our barns. We also have a book Building a Shed you can purchase through us or at a local bookstore, Home Depot or Lowes. It is very helpful. Danny Lipford of Today's Homeowner produced a half hour show featuring the construction of one of our 12x16 barns, a video was made and it is available through

18. Which plan is the one on the cover of the book Building a Shed? It is plan #2015, a 10x16 all cedar colonial. 

19. Split Use Colonial—Plan #2009 is 10x16 rough sawn plywood. You can choose to put the partition anywhere you want, or not use it at all. You can put the door on either end, either side or any combination. We offer this split use in a 12x16 Plywood Colonial Plan #2017 and all Cedar Plan #2020.

20. We finished the barn #2009 and #2022 with Benjamin Moore's paint color Cottage Red. See for locations and info.

21. We finished the barn #2020 with a Cabot semitransparent Allagash stain. Check for more information and store locations.

FAQs regarding hardware available though Better Barns Hardware and Plans LLC:

1. Hardware for the yard buildings: "A pair" is for each door;

2. if you have double doors you need two pair of hinges — We can ship one ring latch with lockable padlock eyes and two pairs of 16" hinges for $195.00 or individually for $85.00 per pair of hinges and $35.00 for each ring latch. For example: A double door and 1 single door would require 3 pair hinges and 2 ring latches.

FAQs regarding Antique Reproduction Rolling Barn Door Hardware:

1. We can supply you with several sizes of hangers and rollers, as well as the standoffs and track.

2. Our track sections are cut so they can be joined without welding. Track can be purchased from us (in 6' or 8' lengths). Usually the track length you need is approximately double the width of your door.

3. How to determine the size of the rollers you buy is a matter of individual taste. For example, we would recommend using medium rollers for a door up to 6' wide and 7' tall.

FAQs regarding other products for barns:

We hope to offer our cupola as a shippable product. Information and photos will be up on our website soon.

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